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Cryotherapy is recognized as THE benchmark in dermatology practice worldwide. All dermatologists regularly struggle with the extreme power of liquid nitrogen, unnecessary for the more delicate imperfections and for the treatment with children.

The innovative CryoPen allows to work with millimeter precision. It is an perfect device for removing all benign skin lesions quickly and effectively with no more collateral damage to healthy tissue.

What is quality?

For the physician :

  • Instrumentation should be simple, practical and affordable

For the physician and for the patient :

  • Treatment must be effective
  • Rapid result
  • No follow-up care necessary
  • No discomfort please !

Perfect Control Over Procedures

The CryoPen is a brilliant device for removing skin lesions quickly, effectively and safely, with accuracy to the millimeter. Penetration of the freezing is 5 seconds for 1 millimeter up to a depth of 5mm in one treatment session. Procedures typically last 5-25 seconds. So with no preparation necessary, patients can be in and out of your clinic in just 5 minutes.

Rely on the quality of the CryoPen for the effective removal of warts and other skin lesions. The CryoPen is a brilliant device. It is practical, innovative and so easy and safe to use. Little to no preoperative skin preparation is required and postoperative care is unnecessary. With great patient acceptance the CryoPen will directly relate to an increase in the number of cases treated.


It is accepted that 4% of the population is affected and up to 32% in children between 7 and 14.

Genital warts are the most frequently diagnosed sexually transmitted disease of the anogenital area worldwide. Infection can occur in up to 30% of all patients between 20 and 30 years of age (ref. EADV).

Cosmetic Lesions

Removing cosmetic skin lesions is becoming increasingly common as we all aspire to be attractive and stay youthful as we age. Expert dosing of power is required.

Definition of Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is the controlled destruction of unwanted tissue by the precise application of extreme cold.

  • Freeze enough to achieve tissue necrosis
  • Limit the freeze to an extend to prevent collateral damage

Traditional Cryotherapy Treatment

  • Application with a cotton bud soaked with Liquid Nitrogen.
  • The availability of liquid nitrogen, is a hassle in private clinics.
  • No control of energy transmission.
  • Cotton buds will rapidly lose energy.
  • No control over the inclusion zone.
  • Cotton buds never will fit well to the form and size of the lesion. The inclusion of healthy tissue may induce hypo pigmentation.

The Innovation of CryoPen – How CryoPen is Different?

The combination of extreme pressure at 55 bar and a micro fine exhaust at 45 micron, enhanced control for better quality.

Effective Cryonecrosis at -27°C

It is described extensively in literature that: rapid freezing to minus (-)27°C and more will produce cryonecrosis in all benign human tissues.

Cryotherapy is quicker and patients can be in and out in seconds and they can work, bath, swim, immediately after the treatment.

There’s no cut, no bleeding, no sutures and no risk of infection.

Nitrous Oxide by Spray – With Pen like Accurate Handling

Sufficient power: Extreme precision in all situations with very practical and affordable disposable N2O cartridges, nothing more easy :

Types Of CryoPen

Before/After Pictures


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