Project Description

Why Depilase produces extremely effective hair-free results?

Strong cooling: Treatment head can reach “0” within a second, and treatment tipis Sapphire.

Intellective Parameter setting: Energy is higher, the Frequency is lower by itself. Avoid high energy+ high frequency burn skin.

Self checking for water tempt. Water circulation, Handpiece working status. Any abnormal, machine will stop work by itself.

Powerful water circulation, uses High Powerful diaphragm pump. Four times water pressure than normal pump. Micro Water Chanel make ventilation better.

Low flounce, high repetition rate pulses slowly increase the temperature of the hair follicle containing the cells responsible for hair regrowth.


Continuous working time can reach over 4 hours and hand piece life span can reach 15million-20million shots.

Cooling will stop working within 2 minutes when no laser shot, because continuous cooling will easy  freeze inside of the hand piece, which easy damage the laser mold.

OEM is allowed, we can add your logo on the machine and screen.ODM is allowed, we can manufacture new product according to your requirement. Free language service, we can make different languages menu,now we have Spanish, French, English, Italian, German & Russian menus.


Face Areola Upper torso Lower extremity
Upper lip Shoulders Abdomen Back with shoulders
Chin Under arms Abdomen Strip Extended bikini
Sides of face Forearms Upper back Buttocks
Cheeks Upper arm Lower back Lower leg, Upper leg
Full Face Full arm Full Back Full leg, Feet & Toes
Ears Hands & fingers Back with shoulders
Man’s Beard Chest
Back of Neck




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