Project Description

USP Combination of Red and Blue Light Energies. Red light stimulates collagen and elastin production, which leads to plumped wrinkles and firmer skin. Blue light kills the bacteria that contributes to acne.
Warranty/ Guarantee 100% natural and non invasive
Why Deesse mask? It increases blood flow, promotes wound healing, stimulates collagen and elastin production. It can also be used to treat mild to moderate acne and for post treatment pain relief.

3 WAVE LENGTHS MASK DESSE: Existing high-power LED beam therapy sometimes may occur problems such as excessive glare and a low-temperature burn in order to reduce the loss of output.


  • Minimizing energy loss rate by contracting closely to the face
  • Light weight and easy to move as small
  • Reasonable price than existing LED
  • Possible to irradiate closely to the skin compared to the High-power LED, whereas no worry of burns.


  • MODE1 – 630nm+830nm
  • MODE2 – 415nm+830nm
  • MODE3 – 415nm+630nm
  • Low frequently stimulator (Additional function)


– 630nm (12mW/cm2): Skin Rejuvenation, Post care after loser or MTS treatment, Brightening
– 415nm (6mW/cm2): Acne, Antimicrobial effect
– 830nm (30mW/cm2): Wound healing, Skin Rejuvenation, Blood circulation
– Low frequency stimulator: Massage for blood circulation


Wave Length 415nm/630nm/830nm/Low frequency
Output intensity 415nm:6nmW/cm2
LED Quantity 165 pcs for each wave length / Total 495pcs
Setting time Max 60 minutes
Low Frequency 833Hz +10%
Voltage & Power consumption 100 240VAC 50/60Hz,Max 20w


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