Project Description

USP European studies have shown that HHT stops hair loss in 85% of cases and stimulates new hair growth in 55% of cases and has no documented side effects.
Warranty/ Guarantee Increase O2density from 21% to up to 30%. Supply high density O2 to scalp.
Why HHT? Provides fast response. Visible effects after 8 – 12 sessions.

HHT: the most developed scalp and hair care system + improving cellular oxygenation

  • HHT is the first global hair care system completely developed for scalp.
  • Highly effective Diode Laser, Solution spray and O2 spray, which are necessary for scalp care and treatment, are in one program.
  • Different programs and cares can be customized to each client.
  • Cares can be performed automatically or manually.
  • Treatment process is comfortable and painless.
  • You don’t lose time.
  • Cares are highly effective and scientific.
  • It is suggested to apply personal treatments.


Infusion: A system with 2 different reservoirs automatically spraying 2 different special hair solutions.

O2 Oxygen Therapy System: A system which automatically sprays 98% of pure oxygen (which it produces by its own oxygen generator) to scalp.

Diode Laser: 2 highly effective Diode Lasers in order to strengthen hair roots with anti-inflammatory effect, to accelerate blood circulation and to increase absorption of products into scalp (Hair mesotherapy):

  • 808 nm diode laser (80 mW)
  • 658 nm IR Laser (200 mW) radiotherapy treatment helps to increase absorption of solution into scalp.

Operation System

Automatic or manual program.

4-Step Treatment System

1) Solution
After Diagnosis type of loss hair and reason, Depending on patient, select different solution and spray proper solution.

2) Infusion
Spray solution with mist type to Scalp directly.

3) O
Increase O2 density from 21% to up to 30 %, Supply high density O2 to scalp.

4) Laser
Red Laser (80mW 650nm), IR Laser (200mW 808nm) irradiation, Help solution penetration.

Advantages of SCALP TX-II hair care system

  • Provides fast respond
  • Visible effect after 8-12 sessions
  • High dividend
  • Enduring acquisition thanks to continuous treatment and care (a monthly care system after package program finishes)
 Length  420 mm
 Width  940 mm
 Height  1700 mm


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