Project Description

USP Safe, Low-Pain Treatment for Superficial Skin Lesions. Allows both resurfacing by Er:YAG laser and thermal effect by long pulsed laser at the same time.
Why Lotus II ? The Lotus II fractional mode with special optics can make a very uniform beam profile (the fluence of 114 spots even) and control the beam ablation depth more precisely in comparison with the bulk mode. Innovative concept of Fractional Long/Short pulsed LOTUS II can be used to improve skin texture, reduce pore sizes, erase brown spots, flatten acne scars and rejuvenate the skin.

Innovative Fractional Long & Short Pulsed Er: YAG Laser (2940nm) Able to ablate the skin superficially during treatment with Short Pulse Mode Ablation and Thermal Effect can be done at once by Long Pulse Mode.


Laser Type Er:YAG2940nm
Pulse Duration Short Pulse: 350us Long Pulse:1ms
Purse Energy (max) Short Pulse:1.5J Long Pulse:1J
Reception Rate Short Pulse:3-10Hz Long Pulse: 3-5Hz
Spot Size Zoom Hand-piece:01-7mm, Fractional Hand piece: 8x8mm2
Display 10.4” TFT LCD
Electrical Power 220v,50/60Hz
Electronical Control Arm Processor
Cooling System Closed cycle water to air heat exchanger
Electrical Power 22V,50/60Hz


  • Micro Peeling
  • Scar Correction (acne scars and various scars)
  • Smoothing of facial wrinkles (Skin Texture & Skin Tone)
  • Treat Epidermal Pigmentary Lesions (wart, seborrheic keratosis, freckle etc,)
  • Remove mole, syringoma, milium, skin tag.




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