Project Description

USP The advanced Body Composition Analysis.
Warranty/ Guarantee Description
Why X Contact 357? B.C.A. for experts that shows quick measurement time and many result values.


TETRA POLAR METHOD: The machine uses the Tetra polar method to achieve the greatest accuracy in analyzing body composition. Tetra polar method uses separate electrode; current electrode which sends out an electric current to the human body and voltage electrode which detects Impedance.

It minimizes the contact resistance and increases the accuracy. In addition it takes a measurement at the
fixed location of foot electrode (ANKLE ELECTRODE) and hand so that it reduces measuring errors and
increases reproducibility of results.


Setup Contents
Input ID 20 characters (Including spaces)
can be input in English and numerical
Scale offset
Compensating the
clothes weight
Printing position
Compensating the measured
value from the scale.
Compesating the weight of the
clothes which the user wears during
the measurement.
Udjust the printing position up/down,
left/right for pre printed result sheet.
Printing logo
Setting up the current date and time
Printing logo or the name of hospital,
address, contact information
on the result sheet.


Model X-CONTACT 357
Measuring Method Tetra-Polar electrode method using 8
touch electrodes
Frequency Range 5, 50, 250, 550 Khz
Measuring Site Whole body, Segmental Measurement (right arm, right leg, left arm, left leg, trunk)
Current Within 280μA
Power Consumption 60VA
Power Supply Input : (AC 100~240V, 50/60 Hz, Output: DC 12V, 5A adapter)
Display 7 Inch wide color LCD
Input device Touch screen, Remote entry to PC
Transmissible device USB Terminal, RS-232 port, Bluetooth (option)
Printing device USB Terminal (Printer specified by manufacturer), Thermal printer (option)
Dimension 425 X 612.7 X 920mm (W X D X H,±10mm)
Capacity Approx. 24kg (Main Body)
Measuring Range 100 ~ 950Ω
Measuring Time Within 1 Minute
Measuring Height 100cm ~ 200cm
Measuring Weight 10 ~ 200KG
Input Age 5-89 Years old
Operation Ambient Temperature 10 ~ 40 °C, Humidity 30 ~ 70 % (non condensing)
Storage Ambient Temperature -20 ~ 60 °C, Humidity Less than 95 % (non condensing)
Result item Protein, Mineral, Total body water, Mass of body fat, Soft lean mass, Lean Body Mass, weight, standard weight, body mass index, percent of body fat, Age matched of body, Total Energy Expenditure, body type, Soft lean mass/Mass of body fat of five body parts <right arm, right leg, left arm, left leg, trunk> andassessment, Change of body composition, Control guide (the control of Weight, Mass of body fat, soft lean mass, Goal to control, Control/week, Duration of Control, Diet Prescription calorie, Exercise Prescription calorie) Visceral fat area, Visceral fat Level, Abdominal circumfer-ence, W.H.R, Impedance, blood ressure(When the blood pressure monitor is connected)


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